University pass

The card for university students that allows to get the discount on the local daily ticket.

The issuance of the Valle d’Aosta University Pass ski badge (orange proximity card) is granted to all students enrolled in any Italian or EU universities and born after 31/10/1991, wishing to use any (one day) ski passes valid within a single ski resort at a reduced price for university students.

The Valle d’Aosta University Pass does not allow either for discounts on SKIPASS VALLE D’AOSTA (regional ski passes being valid throughout Aosta Valley), or for the “TELESKIPASS” service. 

Valle d’Aosta University Pass holders will also benefit from particular concessionary rates (F&B outlets, ski equipment rental, etc.) at the participating outlets displaying the special window decal.

Valle d’Aosta University Pass holders will regulary receive news and information about ski areas snow conditions, event & festival calendar and special offers, which will be sent as an email NEWSLETTER.

The Valle d’Aosta University Pass is a strictly personal and non-transferable badge; therefore, it cannot be used by nor given to any other person than its holder. It must be presented on request to the “Ticket Controllers” and ski-lifts staff for verification purposes. On the front of the badge is the holder’s identity photo, name and surname. The badge must be neither amended, falsified nor counterfeit.

ISSUANCE: The badge will be issued at cash desks of any Aosta Valley ski resorts during the winter season.

PERIOD OF VALIDITY: As far as ski passes are concerned, the Valle d’Aosta University Pass will be valid from the beginning to the end of the winter season (from October 24th, 2020 to May 2nd, 2021 for the 2020/2021 ski season). It will also continue to work throughout the summer season within any ski areas offering concessionary rates to university students. During this period, no new badges will be issued and only badges issued during winter will be deemend as valid.

: The badge will expire each year on August 31st. Renewal of the badge will be processed for free at the beginning of the next winter season, when all checks concerning the fulfilment of the qualifying conditions (age and proof of enrolement in the university for the current academic year) are completed.

ADMINISTRATION FEES FOR THE VALLE D’AOSTA UNIVERSITY PASS SKI BADGE ACTIVATION: The Valle d’Aosta University Pass ski badge will be delivered upon payment of a non-refundable amount of €. 5.00 in respect of “administration fees for the Valle d’Aosta University Pass activation”. A properly drawn up invoice for the said amount will be provided.

VALLE D’AOSTA UNIVERSITY PASS ski badges issued during the 2019-2020 ski season:  Renewal of a ski badge issued during the 2019/2020 ski season may be made by its holder without payment of “administration fees for the Valle d’Aosta University Pass activation”,  notwithstanding that qualifying conditions (age and proof of enrolement in the university for the current academic year) for the ski badge to be renewes are met.  

(to be submitted at cash desks)

  • A clearly identifiable passport-style photo ID
  • Currently valid ID card
  • Proof of enrolment in the university for the current academic year or alternatively the original receipt of payment of university tuition fees for the current academic year (we will return the original receipt to you after we have made a copy).

LOSS OR THEFT: Should the ski badge be lost or stolen, the customer should give notification without delay to any of the ski-lifts companies. For a duplicate badge to be issued, the customer should produce a self-declaration form of loss, or, in the event of a theft, a theft report form submitted to the competent authorities. In order to get a new ski badge the customer will be charged € 5.00 to be paid in reimbursement of “administration fees for the Valle d’Aosta University Pass activation”.

ARRANGEMENTS FOR RENEWAL for the next ski seasons: During the next ski seasons the VALLE D’AOSTA UNIVERSITY PASS may be used only by students who continue to meet the qualifying conditions (age and proof of enrolment in the university for the current academic year).

PRIVACY INFORMATION NOTICE: The privacy information notice can be found at the following link: pdf information notice for Valle d’Aosta University Pass ski badge holders
: All information about the VALLE D’AOSTA UNIVERSITY PASS can be obtained from SKIPASS VALLE D’AOSTA directly. Tel.: +390165238871 Fax: +39016523556 Email: