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The Grand Combin area seen on a map, forms a 'Y' shape, with the Valle del Gran San Bernardo, on one side and Valpelline on the other. Above this valley, just a few km from the village of Valpelline, on the left, you find Ollomont (1356m), in the centre of the valley with the same name Ollomont offers a fantastic view over the Valle del Gran San Bernardo. The ski area is small and suitable for beginners and children. There's just one drag lift, 519m long, which can carry 750 persons per hour to 1 km of piste completely covered by snow cannons. Ollomont is also famous for heli skiing, organised by the Valpelline guides, as well as ski alpinism excursions, such as to By or from Col Fenêtre Durand to the high route between Chamonix and Zermatt. Beginner skiers can learn at Doues (1176m), a small village between Valle del Gran San Bernardo and Valpelline, which has a drag lift carrying 575 persons per hour giving access to 3.50 km of easy pistes.
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Season: 23/12/2017 - 02/04/2018

Last update: 13-02-2021 18:00


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Ollomont has 3 hotels and many restaurants where it is possible to try the traditional receipt of the "seuppa valpellentse". It can be reached from Italy by the A5 motor-way Turin-Aosta, exit Aosta-Est. Follow the Gran San Bernardo direction on the slip road. In Variney deviation follow Valpelline direction and after the village on the left for Ollomont.

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Impianto di risalita
ATI BONATO/LANIVI Sciovia Berio Fraz. Fontane Ollomont
  • Phone: 348/7157811
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