These Regulations are displayed to the public at cash desks all Aosta Valley ski resorts.


These Regulations apply to all regional ski passes being valid throughout Aosta Valley, i.e. multi-day passes both for consecutive (3 to 14 days), international and season passes and the TELESKIPASS service.
The mere purchase of any ski pass implies the knowledge and the acceptance of all terms and consitions set forth herein. These regulations are displayed to the public at cash desks.
Regional ski passes can be sold by any company linked to the  adherent to the SKIPASS VALLE D’AOSTA system and granted with authority to sell by the Siski company.


There are two levels of validity for PILA’s ski passes:

Aosra Valley season ski passes valid throughout Aosta Valley, multi-day passes both for consecutive and NON consecutive days and the TELESKIPASS service give you acces to lift systems of the following ski areas: Antagnod, Breuil-Cervinia/Valtournenche, Brusson, Chamois, Champoluc, Champorcher, Courmayeur, Colle di Joux (Saint-Vincent), Cogne, Gressoney-La-Trinité, Gressoney-St-Jean, La Magdeleine, La Palud (Courmayeur), Ollomont, Pila, La Thuile, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses, Torgnon, Valgrisenche, Valsavarenche. They also give you acces to the ski areas of La Rosière (Savoie, France) and Alagna Valsesia (Vercelli, Piedmont region).
Aosta Valley + Zermatt season ski passes valid throughout Aosta Valley and international multi-da passes give you access to lift systems of both the aforementioned ski areas and the Swiss ski area of Zermatt. International passes sold in Italy must be used for the first lift of each day on Italian territory. For regional season passes there is a maximum of 2 entrances per month permitted on the Swiss side of ZERMATT.
International passes sold in the Italian territory must be validated in Italy on the first access to ski-lifts during the winter season.
For season passes to be deemed valid, they shall carry a clearly visible photo-identity.


All regional ski pass holders are entitled to ski within the Swiss 4 Vallées/Verbier ski area during the period of validity of their pass and in compliance with the opening calendar scheduled by the ski resorts concerned, as follows:

  • holders of season ski passes are entitled to get up to 6 days free skiing, by a maximum of 1 day per week;
  • holders of multi-day ski passes valid for 6 days or more are entitled to get a 50% discount on the one-day ski pass purchased. 


All ski passes are valid for the opening days and operating hours scheduled, at its discretion, by the company running the ski resort concerned.


Any ski pass issued can, in any case, NEITHER be refunded NOR replaced by another pass.
Any ski pass is strictly personal and non-trasferable. Infringements of this prosision entail the immediate and definitive withdrawal of your pass and the application of administrative and criminal sanctions laid down by the Italian legislation – especially by the Regional Law (Aosta Valley) n° 20 of 18 of April 2008).
Neither refund nor compensation will be offered for queuing at ski-lifts for whatsoever reason, or temporany unavailability of a part or the whole of the lift system of the ski resort which your regional ski pass entitles you to access.


Ski pass rates generally appy to the whole reference winter season. However, they may be modified at any time if significant changes to the cost of living and tax burden occur or for anu other important reasons.
For multi-day passes valid for consecutive days and including different period rates, the pass rate will covering days in different price periods, the pass rate will be determined on a pro-rata basis, by calculating daily mean values in proportion to each per-period rate.
As far as the TELESKIPASS service is concerned, the pass rates set out by the companies running the ski resorts and displayed at their cash desks, shown on their brochures and published on their websites apply. Customers shall be informed about ski pass rates currently set out by each ski resort.
Discounts may apply based on age categories; to assess the aforementioned qualifying conditions, self-declaration forms are not acceptable.


Should the ski card released as season ski pass be lost or stolen, by way of derogation from the provisions of the previously mentioned section 5), the holder should give notification without delay to the PILA SPA company or any company linked to the Skipass Valle d’Aosta system. For a duplicate card to be issued, the holder should produce a self-declaration from of loss, or, in the event of a theft, a theft report form submitted to the competent authorities. The holders  will be charged € 30,00 (thirty/00) to be paid in rembursement of charges for reissuing the ski card supplied as season ski pass + €. 5,00 (five/00) as security deposit for the new card. 
Should the TELESKIPASS card be lost or stolen, the holder should give notification without delay to the PILA SPA company by registered letter sent in advance via fax at the following number:+39016532556. (The ho0lder can also block the lost/stolen card immediately by the internet site Upon receipt of notification by e-m@il that the lost/stolen card has been blocked, the holder will then be exempted from paying any amounts due resulting from abusing of the lost/stolen card by a third party to access ski-lifts. For a duplicate card to be issued, the holder should produce a self-declaration form of loss, or, in the event of a theft, a theft report form submitted to the competent authorities. The holder will be charged €.13,00 (thirteen/00) to be paid in reimbursement of charges for the newly issued card.


The security deposit will be refunded in full to you only if the ski card is returned to cash desks of any ski resort of Aosta Valley being undamaged and properly working, before the end of the winter season during which it has been issued. Once that time limit has been exceeded, the card becomes the property of its holder and may be used during the next ski seasons, except where technological improvements to ticketing system may prove necessary and without prejudice to the qualifying conditions for the renewal of concessionary rates.


The mere purchase of any ski pass implies that the pass must be presented on request to the “Ticket Controllers” or staff of ski-lift companies.
Concessionary rates will only apply upon production of appropriate documentary evidence unequivocally attesting that all conditions required for concessionary rates to e granted are currently fulfilled. In addition to the pass, the aforementioned documentary evidence may have to be presented on request to te “Ticket Controllers” as well.


In cases not covered by these provisions, transport and ticketing regulations in force at all lift acilities linked to the Valle d’Aosta Skipass system shall apply.