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Ski in the mountains of Aosta Valley.


There is only one place in Europe to experience the thrill of staying and skiing at an altitude of 4000 meters: it is the Aosta Valley, a treasure trove of riches enclosed among the giants of the Alps.

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The new App Skylife is now available

The App Skilife accompanies you in the 23 ski areas of the Aosta Valley. Discover more


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“Ski Wellness”: the ways to wellbeing.

In Aosta Valley, wellness starts with the pleasure of feeling welcomed in a hospitable region.

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“Ski Gourmet”: the best wine and food of the region.

The culinary specialities of Valle d’Aosta offer an experience that lingers long in memory, taking the mind back to wonderful occasions.

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SkyWay Mont Blanc: the eighth wonder of the world.

Aosta Valley offers a unique experience, the extraordinary ascent to Mont Blanc aboard the new SkyWay cable car.

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Skiing takes various forms: snowkiting.

Skiing by exploiting the natural energy of wind! The kite pulls you uphill, along the flat and downhill for surfing on the snow, going up and down the snowy slopes far from the beaten tracks: a 100% environmentally friendly personal ski lift.

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Skiing takes various forms: freeride.

For those prefer zigzagging on soft fresh powder to going on groomed tracks: climb by the ski lifts and descend along the pristine slopes in the silence of the mountain.

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Skiing takes various forms: snowboarding.

When snow means more than just sport and offers freedom, fun and pure excitement, it’s snowboarding we’re talking about.

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#Aosta Valley Skipass.

"Aosta Valley Skipass" is a unified system that enables you to ski on the same ticket, directly accessing the ski lifts.  The tickets are valid at all the region’s resorts and those connecting to Zermatt in Switzerland, La Rosière in Savoie, France, and Alagna Valsesis in Piedmont, Italy. Find out which ski resorts form part of the Valle d’Aosta Ski Pass system. Find out the ski resorts belonging to Aosta Valley Skipass

Monterosa Ski: winter 2022/2023 preview Discover more

As Monterosa Ski we’re getting ready for a new winter season, aiming to offer our customers over 4 months of skiing. Among the details, that you can check hereafter, we’re happy to let you know that the morning pass will be available again! OUR SEASON We foresee to open the Monterosa Ski 3 Valleys area from Friday, December 2nd to Sunday, April 16th. The season for our satellite ski resorts in Antagnod, Brusson, Champorcher, Gressoney-Saint-Jean and Alpe di Mera will be slightly different: Antagnod – Brusson – Gressoney-Saint-Jean: from December 7th to 11th, December 17th and 18th, from December 24th to March 12th, 2023; Champorcher: from December 7th to 11th, December 17th and 18th, from December 24th to March 19th, 2023; Alpe di Mera: from December 6th to 11th, December 17th and 18th, from December 23rd to March 26th, 2023; OUR SKIPASSES Our skipasses will be available for purchase on our website from mid-October. Season pass The rates of our season passes are not increased and the prices, referred to the adult category, for the main ski area are: - Monterosa Ski 3 Valleys Season Pass € 940,00 - Monterosa Freeride Paradise Season Pass € 980,00 The season pass, adult category, for Antagnod, Brusson or Gressoney-Saint-Jean costs € 449,00. In Champorcher the season pass, adult category, costs € 559,00; the Champorcher Expert season pass, that allows to access the skilift Madeleine, cost € 579,00, adult category. The season pass valid at Alpe di Mera, adult category, costs € 600,00. The category discounts are applied on the above rates: Senior (born before 31/05/1958), Teen (born after 31/10/2004), Junior (born after 31/10/2008) and Baby (born after 31/10/2014). The season passes of our satellite ski resorts allow to ski on the Monterosa Ski 3 Valleys from the beginning of the season until December 24th included and from the day after the end of the season of the chosen resort. For more details: Daily and several-day skipasses The prices of daily and several-day skipasses for the Monterosa Ski 3 Valleys are dynamic. The calculation basis is always the daily skipass, for which have been identified 3 seasonality with a price that swings from € 38,00 to € 60,00. These skipass will be available for purchase on our website from mid-October and the sooner one’s buy, the more one’s save. In our satellite ski resorts the daily and several-day passes have a fix rate, instead. All prices are already available at
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How to reach Aosta Valley

plane The A5 motorway connects Turin to Aosta Valley (95 km). Coming from Milan on the A4 (150 Km), you can cross the motorway at Santhià. The SS26 road from Chivasso and Ivrea crosses the central valley parallel to the highway. The SS27 road, from the Gran St Bernard Tunnel, leads from Switzerland to Aosta.

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