Types of ski passes

Ski pass rates are established by each ski area operator, which displays them at its cash desks and on its brochures, and publishes them on its website.

Ski passes are paid by customers and their relatives as TELESKIPASS service users for each day the service is used and, pursuant to Article 4 “SKI PASS RATES” of the contract, “… they may be of the following types only:

ʽ one-day ʼ, ʽ afternoon ʼ or ʽ morning ʼ (if available)”.

The TELESKIPASS service DOES NOT apply to:

  • Return tickets (except for the Buisson-Chamois Cableway)
  • Point-based tickets
  • Hourly ski passes (except for the Courmayeur ski resort where only 3/4 H passes are available, no morning/afternoon passes, and La Thuile that doesn’t dispose a morning pass but a 2/3/4 hours ticket.)
  • Promotional or special rate ski passes.

People wanting to use other types of ski passes (see the above list) may directly purchase their desired lift ticket – made available by ski resort operators to satisfy their most demanding customers – at any cash desks of the ski resort concerned, by avoiding to pass through turnstiles with their TELESKIPASS badge.

Should you pass through turnstiles with a valid ski pass and a TELESKIPASS badge at the same time, the service is charged to your credit card, as set forth in Article 4 “SKI PASS RATES”, paragraph 3, of the contract.

Moreover, ski resorts shall ensure that TELESKIPASS service users are informed about all promotions and special rate ski passes, if any, which the TELESKIPASS service does NOT apply to, by displaying appropriate information signs at the access points.

By accessing their reserved area on the website www.skivallee.it at the page TELESKIPASS/ENTER CUSTOMER AREA/VIEW PAYMENT HISTORY, customers may also view a detailed statement of all payments for the days skied.


The TELESKIPASS service cannot be automatically used within the Swiss ski area of ZERMATT. TELESKIPASS badge holders wanting to ski in Zermatt need to go to the Cervino spa cash desks beforehand to purchase an additional charge, which (for the TELESKIPASS service only) consists of the difference between the price of the Italian one-day ski pass and the price of the international ski pass.