Benefits & Discounts -COPY

In addition to give you direct access to all lift facilities and the chance of avoiding queuing at cash desks, the TELESKIPASS service offers you the following benefits:

    All users paying a full rate pass (no resident of Aosta Valley, baby, junior or senior ski rates, as well as no discounted rate passes due to the closure of lift facilities or bad windy conditions) are given a 5% discount on any further (half- or) one-day ski pass they use starting from the fourth (half- or) one-day ski pass they purchase.
  • 10% DISCOUNT
    The discount changes to 10% starting from the eighth (half- nor) one-day ski pass.

 (E.g.: 3 morning/afternoon passes + 1 one-day pass = NO discount)

(E.g.: 4 morning/afternoon passes = 5% discount)

 These benefits are not cumulative with any other sorts of benefits already available, such as for resident of Aosta Valley, junior or senior ski rates.


REDUCTIONS APPLY to the following categories:

BABY < 8 YEARS OLD (born after October 31, 2012).

The “under 8 y/o” rate is given FOR FREE only when a ski pass is concurrently purchased by an adult, the child being included in the same contract.
Otherwise the “under 8 y/o if NOT concurrent” rate applies, which is nonetheless a 75% discounted rate.
For any child included in the same contract and skiing with a junior pass, the lower ski rate, i.e. the most convenient ski rate for the customer (full rate for junior passes and free rate for baby passes), will be applied by the system.

JUNIOR < 14 YEARS OLD (born after October 31, 2006).

TEEN < 18 YEARS OLD (born after October 31, 2002).

SENIOR > 65 YEARS OLD (born before Mai 31, 1956).

Rates are published by individual ski areas.