Terms & Conditions -COPY

All information about the TELESKIPASS service is detailed on the page “CONTRACT”.


The conditions to be met in order to use the TELESKIPASS service are the following:

  • you must be an adult (18 years old);
  • you must hold a credit card (VISA or MASTERCAD from the CartaSì network);
  • you must sign a contract at cash desks of any Aosta Valley ski resorts beforehand (see page “CONTRACT” and page “PRE-REGISTRATION”). By signing, you agree that all amounts due will be charged on your credit card.

The Subscriber needs necessarily be the credit card holder (the husband cannot write down his wife’s credit card details and vice versa) and may sign the contract on his/her own behalf as well as on behalf of his/her relatives. Upon signing of the contract, you will be provided with a smart card (“Residents of Aosta Valley” will be given the so-called “Carte Résident”). This badge is strictly for personal use and non-transferable. As skiers will be automatically identified by the access control system while approaching the turnstiles of lift facilities, the badge will give them a direct access and the amount due will be paid afterwards by their credit card.

Badges are strictly for personal use and NON-transferable, so they CANNOT be used by any other person than their holders.

The badge must be presented on request to the “Ticket Controllers” and ski-lifts staff for verification purposes.

Infringements of regulations regarding ski passes (see the “SKIPASS VALLE D’AOSTA” REGULATIONS, displayed at cash desks of any Aosta Valley ski resorts and published on the website www.skivallee.it, on the page SKI PASSES/REGULATIONS) entail the immediate and definitive withdrawal of your ski pass, the application of sanctions laid down by the Italian Law (especially by the Regional Law (Aosta Valley) No 20 of 18 April 2008) as well as the service interruption for all badges covered by the contract (see Art. 8 of the CONTRACT).