Update your credit card details -COPY

As the fourth section of Article 6 “PAYMENT TERMS” of the contract provides, “the system regularly checks whether your credit card is still valid. Should the payment be declined by the banking network because your credit card has expired, the credit limit has been exceed, or your credit card has been blocked for whatever reason, your ski badge and/or any Relatives’ ski badges will be immediately blocked by the system, so that from that moment onwards, you will not be allowed to use the service”.

The system will send customers an email (to the address they provided upon signing of the contract) notifying them that the service has been suspended.

In order for the amount due to be paid and the service to be reactivated, customers are required to update their credit card details or to change the card:

  • online: information can be changed by customers in this page by entering their contract number and password;
  • to ski lift cash desks

For any further information get in touch with Skipass Valle d’Aosta