What is TSK? -COPY

 “Teleskipass” is a service giving skiers direct access to all lift facilities of any Aosta Valley ski area (see AOSTA VALLEY/SKI RESORTS): no more passing through cash desks beforehand to purchase a selected ski pass and download it onto your ski badge.

At the end of the skiing day, the credit card of any service user will be automatically debited with the amount due relating to the ski resort concerned, the pass type used (one- or half-day ski pass) and the pass rate the service user is in fact entitled to (resident of Aosta Valley or non-resident, baby, youth, adult or senior ski rates) – see “TYPES OF SKI PASSES”.

An appropriate email alert system will notify the credit card holder that the total amount due has been debited (for those having specified their email address in the contract only).

On the page “ENTER CUSTOMER AREA/View payment history”, after entering their contract number and their password, customers may view a statement of days skied as well as a detailed overview of all expenses billed.