Where to sign and activate the contract -COPY

You can sign the “TELESKIPASS” contract at all cash desks of any Aosta Valley ski resorts, starting from the month of October (public access and opening hours are at the discretion of the ski lift company concerned).

The contract is deemed valid for an unspecified period of time and it comes into effect from the date of its signing by the Parties. The contract can be withdrawn by either Party according to the procedures provided for in Article 9 thereof (see REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL).


For the Subscriber:

  • Credit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD from the CARTASì network)
  • a valid PROOF OF IDENTITY with recent photos or digital photos

The Subscriber, who is not necessarily a skier, signs the contract (this can be done only by going in person to cash desks of any Aosta Valley ski resorts) by agreeing to pay all days skied by his/her relatives/friends with his/her own Credit Card.

For any other Users as “Relatives”:

  • an up-to-date and clearly identifiable passport-style ID PHOTO.

Residents of Aosta Valley are also required to submit their “Carte Résident” validated for the current season (if not yet validated, a valid proof of place of residence in Aosta Valley is required).

To facilitate the cash desk staff’s work, customers may submit their personal data (“Customer Data”) and their relatives’ personal data (“Skiers/Add skier”), if any, via the online pre-registration.

The contract will be finalised at ski lift cash desks (please, bring your contract number with you or identify yourself with your pre-registered name), where all ski badges concerned, being strictly for personal use and bearing an ID photo, will be issued for both the Subscriber (if a skier) and all his/her relatives whose names are included in the contract.

Ski badges are strictly for personal use and non-transferable (see TERMS & CONDITIONS) and they must be returned by the customer at the time when the notice of withdrawal from the contract is sent (see REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL).

As the “TELESKIPASS” service is valid throughout Aosta Valley, any customer signing a “TELESKIPASS” contract as a skier, or any of his/her relatives whose names are included in such contract, will NOT be allowed to use other lift passes valid throughout Aosta Valley (i.e., SEASON or MULTI-DAY lift passes) during the same winter season.

However, skiers wishing to use a (season or multi-day) lift pass valid within a single ski resort are allowed to use the “TELESKIPASS” badge.

In such a case customers must pay attention not to go through the turnstiles with a double lift pass, as they will nonetheless be charged the price for the “TELESKIPASS” service by the system.